sábado, 29 de janeiro de 2011

E nunca saber..

Difficult to imagine that his life is no longer intersect with mine ..
Difficult to imagine that your mouth never touched my ..
Difficult to believe you're gone from my life ..
Difficult to believe that you will ever read what I'm writing you now.
It's hard for me to know that life goes on ..
You're not here ..
It's hard to look ahead and not feel pain ..
I look in the mirror and see nothing..
I'm not here, I'm not so right ..
It is impossible to hear her beautiful laugh without laughing in mymind ..
Even if I wanted I would not go ahead ..
In my back pack a painful past ..
I can not live, and still am living ..
I can not go on without you look even from far ..
I know it sounds crazy, but since I loved you, things are different for me ..
I've loved other people, but you were the one always struck me ..
It would be wrong with the other, it would be wrong with me ..
But it's hard to believe that you're not for me ..


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